Monday, March 26, 2012

The weekend

Last Saturday, the March Food & Fellowship was held at La Hacienda on S. Peoria.  They have excellent Mexican food.  I had the catfish platter.  There were eleven people present.

On Sunday, I attended Church of the Restoration.  At the 10 am religious education hour, we watched a live streaming of the sermon from All Souls Unitarian Church.  The Rev. Marvin Lavenhar spoke about some current issues.  The sermon has been posted in a previous blog.

At 11 am, Gerald Davis spoke at Restoration.  There were about 15 present for that.  Following the service, I went to the Agora Coffeehouse for the meeting of the Atheist Community of Tulsa.  I left early to go to a nearby grocery store to buy an item to take to the potluck at Marilyn Clarke's house.  Marilyn was hosting the Dream Group, where we describe our dreams and talk about them.  After the discussion, we enjoyed a meal together.

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