Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back from Bartlesville

We made a trip to Bartlesville Friday morning.  We got up early and was in Bartlesville by 10:00 am.  We took a tour of the Foster Mansion, also known as the La Quinta Mansion on the campus of Oklahoma Wesleyan University (formerly Bartlesville Wesleyan University).
The view above is of the entrance to the mansion, with the doors being behind the camera.  The ceilings are painted.  In this view you can see in the background the area where the luncheon was held.  The luncheon was called "A Symphony of Flavors" in keeping with the theme of OKMozart.  OWU is small, but they have a beautiful campus with Spanish style architecture.  Oilman H. V. Foster (1875-1939) built the La Quinta Mansion.  He was but 64 years old when he died of pneumonia in San Diego.  (Same age as I am presently.)  Were he living today, his condition could have been treated.  Despite his millions of dollars from oil revenues, science had not yet come up with penicillin.

That afternoon at the high school we heard a string quintet perform for about an hour.  After that we went to Dink's Barbeque.  That's a great place.  We spent that night in a motel.  Next morning, we heard Susan Herndon sing and play the guitar.  Then it was a jazz trio from Austin, TX.  The young woman at the piano could really improvise.  Next, we heard the Council Oak Men's Chorale (of Tulsa).  Among the songs they sang were "Stand by Me," "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"  As an encore they sang "Dancing Queen."  The group is made up of about 20 men.  Later that evening we heard Virginia Campbell sing and play the piano.  She played Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," among many other pieces.

Around noon we had lunch at "2 Sisters," and for dinner that evening we had turkey sandwiches in the concert hall.  This morning we left early, stopping for breakfast at Eggbert's in Bartlesville.

We got back to Tulsa in time for the Sunday service at Church of the Restoration.  The theme for the service this morning was Father's Day.  There were about 15 people present.  At 1 pm, the Humanist meeting started.  Today our guest was John Olson.  John is a Democrat running for Congress in the First District.

When we got back to the house, my topsy-turvy planters were full of ripe cherry tomatoes.  I picked about 60 tomatoes. 

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