Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catching up

I just noticed I have not posted anything in more than a week.  I have been reading the blogs of others but have neglected to post anything myself.  I appreciate seeing all the pictures posted by Galen.  He is a dedicated blogger.

Last week I was getting over a cold, so my activities were limited.  I missed duet practice and didn't do a whole lot during the week. 

This past Saturday was Food & Fellowship day.   Ten of us met at Chopsticks for a noon meal.  As you might imagine, Chopsticks is a Chinese restaurant.  After that was over, we went to Braum's where I bought two 3-pint containers of ice cream for the Ice Cream Social sponsored by HAT.  We hosted a meeting for Move On and talked politics after we had our fill of ice cream.

On Sunday, during the religious education portion of the morning, we discussed ethics.  About eight people were present for that.  Following that, Debra Garfinkle, a UU minister from All Souls, preached a sermon based upon some text in the Bible about Jesus.  I have forgotten now just which story it was.

Monday, Gail and I played duets at the piano for a couple hours.  We will be doing the special music this coming Sunday at Restoration. 

I am still awaiting the arrival (by mail) of a DVD titled "The Singularity is Near."  After I receive it and view it, I will post some comments on it.

I am nearing completion of an online course on building your vocabulary offered by the Tulsa Library.  I have begun another free online course offered by Coursera titled "Listening to World Music."

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