Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hot days

We have been through some hot days recently.  Last Wednesday, the Fourth of July, J and I went to the west bank of the Arkansas River where people were assembling to watch the big fireworks display held each year on the 23rd Street bridge.  The bridge is closed off around 11 am on the 4th.  Workers set up the fireworks. 

We were there around 5 pm.  I did not see anyone I recognized.  I attempted to call another supporter, but I accidentally dialed Galen, who lives in California.  But he might have been in Shawnee, OK visiting relatives.  Anyway, when I saw his name on the display, I hung up. 

Already there were many people there who came early to claim a spot from which to watch the fireworks.  Our reason for being there was to pass out literature for John Olson, who is running for Congress.  We gathered up a handful of flyers and walked among the crowds passing out the materials.  It was around a hundred degrees, and after an hour of distributing literature, we decided to call it a day.  We returned home to our air conditioned house, not staying to watch the fireworks.

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