Sunday, December 23, 2012

Surgery last week

I had surgery this past week.  It was scheduled and did not come as a surprise.  I had a rapid recovery.  It was done on an outpatient basis. 
The year is winding down to a close.  The world did not end on December 21, although for some 150,000 people on the planet it did end.  That was the day of their death.  150,000 is the approximate number of deaths that occur each day.

Looking back on 2012, I see that I met my goal of reading 15 books (from cover to cover) during  the year.  In fact, I read 17.  My favorite book was George Lakoff's The Little Blue Book.

I walked 426 miles during the year.  That is dedicated walking.  It does not include the everyday walking one does.

I lost about 15 pounds during the year.

For 2013 I will strive to read 15 books, walk 365 miles, and lose another 15 pounds.  The most difficult of these goals to achieve will be the weight loss, I suspect.  I am now at 215 pounds.

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