Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saturday night roundup

Last Friday we went to Tulsa Town Hall. The speaker was Dan Rather, former CBS news anchor, now with AXS News Cable. For an 82-year-old guy, Rather looked good. He spoke about concerns he has for the future, one of which is global warming. The disappearance of the arctic ice is quite dramatic, as satellite images show.

Afterwards, we ate at Ollie's Station, a railroad-themed cafe in the Redfork area of Tulsa. Model trains circulate overhead as you eat below.

Friday evening I went to the meeting of the poetry group. There were five of us there. We talked about chapter 4 of How to Read a Poem by Edward Hirsch. Next month we will discuss chapter 5. We meet at the coffee shop in Barnes & Noble bookstore on 41st Street.

Ayla stayed overnight with us last night. This morning we took her to eat at the Crescent Cafe and then took her home.

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