Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We attend Skepticon 6 in Springfield

We spent a few days in Missouri last week. On Thursday, we drove to Mt. Vernon, MO and spent the night at the Super 8 motel. There is a restaurant in Mt. Vernon which we really like. It is called the Red Barn. They have generous portions of food. We had supper there on Thursday.
We got up next morning and drove to the Springfield Expo Center where Skepticon 6 was being held. We attended a couple of sessions that morning. The most memorable one was about Freethought Exchange. The organizer of Freethought Exchange, Jason Testerman, grew up as the son of a Christian minister. What he does is contact churches and arrange to come talk to congregations about his worldview. What transpires is an exchange of ideas. Jason is not the only one doing this. He has a few others in different cities doing the same thing. Jason lives somewhere in Colorado. He has a website in which he explains what he is doing. We spent Friday and Saturday nights in The Arbor near where my parents live. The Arbor is just north of The Abbey. While in Springfield, we ate at Ryan's. I should say that the various talks given at Skepticon 6 can be viewed on YouTube. Some of the speakers this year were David Fitzgerald, Seth Andrews, P. Z. Myers, Greta Christina, Rebecca Watson, and Amanda Marcotte. We returned to Sand Springs having heard a lot of speeches, some music, and quite tired.

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