Monday, November 11, 2013

What will I miss if I skip Skepticon 6?

Friday November 15th

10:00 am • Atheist Film Festival hosted by David Fitzgerald Main Hall

10:00 am • How to Swear Secularly with Monette Richards Room B

10:00 am • How to Cartoon and Launch Your Own Webcomic with Dale Debakcsy Room A

10:00 am • Creating the Record: Going Toe-to-Toe with Hostile Administrators and Officials with Neil Wehneman Room C

11:00 am • How to Tell Your Friends Jesus was a Dick with Ben Schuldt Room A

11:00 am • Secular Safe Zone Ally Training with Andy Cheadle-Ford Room B

11:00 am • Atheists Speaking in Churches with Jason Testerman Room C

12:00 pm • Is There a 'Right Way' to Talk to Religious people? With Mark MacLean Room A

12:00 pm • Resume Writing with Amanda Knief Room C

12:00 pm • How to Manage Grief with Rebecca Hensler Room B

1:00 pm • TBD - Someone Amazing Room C

1:00 pm • Public Health: Obamacare and Grassroots Action with Planned Parenthood and Lauren Dow Room B

1:00 pm • Handling Public Criticism - Stephanie Zvan Room A

2:00 pm • So You Wanna Become a Professional Atheist? with Dave Muscato Room C

2:00 pm • Seth Andrews hosting the Thinking Atheist Radio Podcast Main Hall

2:00 pm • Nutrition and Training with Mike Lane Room B

2:00 pm • Helping Kids Out of Religion with P.Ferguson Room A

3:00 pm • Live Podcast hosted by Dogma Debate Main Hall

3:00 pm • What is your SocioSexual Orientation? (SSO) with Darrel Ray Room C

3:00 pm • How to Talk/Write about Skepticism for a Non-Skeptical Audience with Amanda Marcotte Room B

3:00 pm • Atheist Music with Ashley Miller, Dave Muscato, Jt Eberhard, and Shelley Segal Room A

4:00 pm • Islam and Modernity with Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar Room C

4:00 pm • How to Read Media Critically (plus ukulele) with Ashley F. Miller Room B

4:00 pm • Getting It On at the Con: How to Get Lucky Consensually with Miri Mogilevsky Room A

5:00 pm • Dinnertimes!

6:00 pm • PZ Myers: "The Cambrian Explosion" Main Hall

7:00 pm • Rebecca Watson Main Hall

8:00 pm • David Fitzgerald: Sexy Violence! Violent Sex! The Weird-Ass Morality of the Bible Main Hall

9:00 pm • Shelly Segal Performs 'An Atheist Album' Main Hall

10:00 pm • Godless Perverts hosted by Greta Christina Main Hall

10:00 pm • Bar Night at the Convention Center Lower Level Hall

Saturday November 16th

9:00 am • Seth Andrews Main Hall

10:00 am • Aron Ra: Pterosaurs are Terrible Lizards Main Hall

11:00 am • Monica Miller Main Hall

12:00 pm • Lunchtimes!

2:00 pm • David Tamayo Main Hall

3:00 pm • Amanda Knief: Great Godless Lobbying: Why Heathens Need to Be Better Citizen Lobbyists Main Hall

4:00 pm • Richard Carrier: Is Philosophy Stupid? Main Hall

5:00 pm • Dinnertimes!

7:00 pm • Amanda Marcotte: How The Religious Right Is Cranking Up The War On Women Main Hall

8:00 pm • Greta Christina: Activist Burnout--Prevention and Treatment Main Hall

9:00 pm • Keith Lowell-Jensen Main Hall

10:00 pm • Bar Night on the Town in Springfield Springfield, MO

Sunday November 17th

9:00 am • Hemant Mehta: Don't Post First and Ask Questions Later Main Hall

10:00 am • Debbie Goddard Main Hall

11:00 am • Rebecca Hensler: Creating and Defending Secular Space Main Hall

12:00 pm • Lunchtimes!

2:00 pm • John Corvino: Gay Sex in a Disenchanted Universe Main Hall

3:00 pm • JT Eberhard Main Hall

Once again this year, attendance at the above listed events is free of charge.

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