Friday, August 15, 2014

An outing with Luke and more

Yesterday, which was Thursday, We took Luke, our grandson, to Tulsa for an outing. We went to a new place called the Air Port. It is an indoor trampoline playground located at Southroads Shopping Center. After Luke expended his energy there, we went to the nearby Schlotszky's for lunch. Then we dropped him off at his house and went to Reasor's grocery store here in Prattville. It is only about a mile from our house.

My son Nick came over today to work here. His internet service was down and he needs the internet to do his job.

Presently, Ayla is with us. She will stay here overnight, and we wil return her to her parents tomorrow.

Walking is going well. I have walked 12 miles this week. Yesterday, instead of walking at the Salvaton Army gym at noon as I usually do, I walking in the evening at River City Park. There is an ideal place to walk in the park. The walking trail is marked for distance. Starting at "0" by the Case Community Center, you can walk to the 1.5 mile post and turn around and walk back. It is about 3 or 4 miles to get there, as opposed to the 1 mile distance to the Salvation Army. Sometimes there are a lot of people at the park. They have soccer fields, volleyball courts, horseshoe areas, bike riding areas, and a skateboard facility there. However, when I walk there a usually few people around. Much of the trail is on the banks of the Arkansas River. Across the river is the BNSF rail line. I usually see a train or two while I walk.

Since I last posted here, Tulsa has hosted the FreeOK event for this year. It was held in the Convention Center again. Hundreds of freethinkers came from around the area to hear freethought speakers. My favorite speakers this year were C. J. Werleman and Steve Wells. I am currently reading a book by Werleman titled Crucifying America. Wells is the author of the well-known (at least among freethinkers)The Skeptic's Annotated Bible. The book is a great resource. I downloaded it recently to my tablet; however, I wish I had a conventional paper copy. It is the kind of book that a freethinker might use frequently in discussions with Bible believers.

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