Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Events of the day

I have two Saturns. The older one is a 1996 model. One day recently I noticed the dashboard light for the radiator came on. It would flash on and then go off. It did this repeatedly, so I raised the hood to check it out. I noticed the reservoir tank was very low.

When I was in Springfield last week we bought a gallon of antifreeze to use as replacement for the missing coolant. I added a 10 oz. bottle of water to the reservoir tank; then I filled the water bottle up with coolant and dumped that in the reservoir also. The flashing light on the dash quit flashing. I was hoping that solved the problem.

A few days later the flashing light on the dash reappeared. Well, I needed to get an oil change, so when I took the car in to Same Day Auto Repair for the oil change, I told them about the coolant leak. They hooked the car up to a machine which adds pressure to the coolant system and found the problem.

While they were doing that, I was at my radiologist having a test done as a preliminary to scans I will have soon. The nurse drew blood which will be analyzed by a lab to see if my body is able to get rid of a dye which will be used when I have the scans.

I was at the fitness center at TCC walking on the elevated track when the phone call came from Same Day telling me my car was ready to be picked up. I had to have a new radiator to replace the old one which had a leak. The charge came to $673 for the repair job. I did not know whether to sink that much money into a car which is thirteen years old. However, our other Saturn is a 2008 model and I did not want to get another new car so soon, so I had the ‘96 repaired.

I put the repair charge on my Discover Card and made sure the car was secure and drove home where Jan was waiting on the cable guy to show up to run a new line to the other side of our living room. Our son Nick recently got a 52” LED screen TV and gave his old TV to us. We took it since it has a larger screen than the TV we were presently using, plus it was not as old.

After the cable guy left, I drove Jan over to Same Day (on the north side of the river) where she got into the driver’s seat of the new Saturn and I drove the old Saturn home.

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