Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm back

Last Thursday I sent a link to a sermon by Marlin Lavanhar of All Souls Unitarian Church to an old friend now living in Oklahoma. The sermon is actually in three parts, and I e-mailed part one to my friend. When my wife discovered what I had done, she imposed a restriction (except for notifying people of upcoming meetings) on my use of the Internet for one week. I tried to cover my tracks, but the Systems Administrator is such a computer whiz that she soon discovered what I had done. The week is now up, and I am now back. The links to the sermon are here:

Last Saturday was Movie Night at the Bradleys. I cannot now remember the title of the movie or what it was about. We did have seven people there. Jan and myself and Barbara F., Dawn and Randy B., Marilyn C., and Larry R.

I am continuing to go to the Fitness Center at TCC West and walk. Last week I managed to get in 16 miles of walking. So far this week I have walked 12 miles. I also have been using one of the exercise machines there. At first it made my abdominal muscles sore, but I am getting used to it now. Today I did 100 reps using the 35 lb. weight.

Yesterday, I read on Marti’s blog that a friend of mine from Riverside, California (Marti’s brother) was facing heart surgery. That surgery was supposed to take place today. We are wishing the best for him. Yesterday I bought a get well card and mailed it to his church (where he is pastor) on Pyrite St.

I went to church last Sunday. There were just ten or twelve of us there. Our minister spoke. I would say something about what he said, but I can’t recall any of it now. (Bad memory, again)

On Tuesday, the Liberal Action Network met at Zarrow Library. We were sititng at a table in the east part of the library, until Marilyn suggested we move to a separate study room off the main area. We did so, and were able to enter into a free and open discussion. There were just four of us there. We wrote to Rep. Benge regarding House Bill 1001, known as the Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act. Next month when we get together again we are going to read the letters we wrote (I made a photocopy of mine), and any responses we have received.

Last evening, Jan and I went by Barbara’s apartment and gave her a ride to a place by the Tulsa University campus called The Collective. They sell sandwiches and drinks. We watched about two hours of National Geographic videos about the Galapagos Islands. Two hours were all we could take of the videos. I don't like to sit and watch videos for a long time.

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