Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Car gets stuck

Today we had planned to meet Nick and his family, along with Adra and Jon at Incredible Pizza near 71st and Memorial. School was canceled again for the sixth day, and with the approaching storm, it's likely to be out for the remainder of the week. The visit was a treat for Alya and Luke.

As I backed the '08 Saturn out of the garage (for the first time in a little over a week), I soon found myself stuck about ten feet outside the garage on my driveway. J urged me to take the '96 Saturn instead. So I put the '08 Saturn in park and left it on the driveway. We transferred to the '08 Saturn and took the Creek Turnpike to Memorial. I knew the '96 Saturn could get out of the driveway for I had just an hour earlier driven it to the nearby fitness center and back. While at the fitness center I walked 2.5 miles while listening to a lecture by Robert Greenberg on Robert Schumann and the Romantic period in music history. Greenberg is an excellent teacher; he is very knowledgeable and witty.

J and I got in at the senior discount rate (about $5) and found our family inside without much difficulty. I should say that Incredible Pizza is in a large building which is subdivided into many smaller sections. I think the building was at one time a Venture's store. There is a large games room in about half of the store, which includes a nine-hole miniature golf course, a miniature bowling alley, a racing track with about a dozen small cars, an area for bumper cars, and a few other things. At the back of the store is a place where you can redeem the coupons you win for prizes. In the front half of the builidng are three large dining areas. In the area between the dining areas and the games room is an area where pizza is served. Diners help themselves to all the pizza they can eat. In addition to pizza, there is spaghetti, barbecued chicken, ice cream, and more. We were there for three and a half hours, eating and playing games.

When I got back home, I shoveled out the car and got it back in the garage. That took about 20 minutes. For dinner tonight, we had chicken and dressing, cranberry sauce, baked sweet potatoes, but all I ate was a sweet potato. I was still stuffed from all the pizza I ate at Incredible Pizza.

I played a few pieces on the piano tonight (Gail and I had to cancel our Monday practice because of the snow) and later studied Russian vocabulary for about an hour. I find that I am engaged in three activities on most days: (1) walking, (2) playing piano, and (3) studying Russian.

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