Thursday, March 26, 2009

Status of my father

It came as a surprise to us when we heard Dad's doctor say they have done all they can for him. He is supposed to come home next Monday to hospice care. We were told he might have six months to live, or he could die tomorrow.

Dad has been very weak since we put him in the hospital back on the 16th, if I remember the date correctly. His doctor says his condition is terminal. I believe the term he used for his prognosis was "guarded." He had his left lung "tapped" to drain fluid a few days ago. The right lung was given the same treatment today.

There is a person at the hospital whose job it is to make sure that patients who are terminal are aware of their condition. She came by yesterday to talk to us. We spoke with her for a half hour during which Dad cried. Dad is a Christian, and as such believes he will be going to heaven following his death. He must have been crying about the prospect of being separated from my Mother for a period of a few months or years. They have been together for 63 years now.

Dad lies in bed all day, and while he can speak, his voice is weak. His mind is still sharp though. Some of Dad's loyal friends from his church drop by to visit him.

He is receiving excellent care at the hospital. The staff is most compassionate, showing concern for my mother who is also age 86.

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