Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Scans at SJMC

Yesterday, J. and I went to the Performing Arts Center and saw The Pajama Game. I got a call from a friend who said he had two tickets for the show. He had to stay home due his wife having a back problem.

I needed to stop at the Brookside Library anyway to make a room reservation. His son-in-law works about a mile north of the library. So I made the reservation at the library (Saturday the 28th, 2:00 pm for the FFRF group) and went by and picked up the tickets.

Although not every seat was taken, I would say the auditorium was at 95% capacity. The song “Hernando’s Hideaway” is one of the best known songs in the musical.

Today I had scans at St. John Medical Center. I had both CT and MRI scans. While there I passed Dr. Rapacki in the hall. Dr. Rapacki is the surgeon who operated on my brain.

Once we got back home we made a trip to the library. I had a book that was a week overdue. I turned it in and paid my 35-cent fine.

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