Friday, January 04, 2013

A trip to Okmulgee

We had received a recall notice from Saturn in December saying that we should arrange to take our car to South Point Chevrolet in January 2013.  The recall purpose was to replace a cable of some kind.  Our appointment was for 10 am on Thursday.  I pulled in at 10 am and went to the waiting area.  I told the manager to check the battery also since the manager at Same Day Auto had told me that the battery was weak.  He did so and said the battery was fine.  It took about an hour to have the work done.
We get on the Creek Turnpike at Sapulpa to go to Tulsa.  As we got off the turnpike, I headed in toward Sapulpa and went to the post office.  There I bought a sheet of commemorative stamps which were issued on the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln. 
J had been looking for a new pair of boots.  The pair she was wearing had worn down quite a bit and needed replacing.  She had bought them at a Payless Shoe Source store.  The store in Sand Springs did not have any in stock.  Since we were in Sapulpa, we decided to check the Sapulpa store.  It is almost directly across from the post office.  They did not have any in stock either.  However, they checked their computer which indicated that the store in Okmulgee had one pair.  We called the store to confirm the computer inventory check.  We were told they had one pair and would hold that pair for us.  Sapulpa is about 10 miles south of Prattville, and about a third of the way to Okmulgee.
On the way out of Sapulpa we stopped at a Long John Silver’s for lunch.  I had the two-piece cod on rice with green beans and corn on the cob.  Delish.  We got back on the road (Hwy 117) and headed for Hwy 75, which goes into Okmulgee.  Going south on 75 there was an eighteen wheeler ahead of us also going south but in the other lane.  All of a sudden, “Ka-boom!”  The truck ahead blew a tire.  It threw “alligators” about the roadway.  Fortunately, none hit the car.
We found the Payless Store on the south end of Okmulgee and bought the shoes.  We got back on Hwy 75 and returned home.  Back in Sand Springs, I drove to the Case Community Center and walked three miles.

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