Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Recent happenings

Last week we made a trip to Springfield.  We were gone three days.  I thought I lost my Kindle twice.  On the first occasion, I brought the Kindle into my parents' apartment.  However, I was unsure about that.  I was even unsure I had brought the Kindle with me.  Anyway, I was thinking I had set the Kindle down somewhere in the apartment.  I was going to read a bit before going to sleep and noticed it was missing.  I went back out to my car twice looking for it.  In the morning my mother told me she thought the Kindle was hers and had put it into a drawer.  So it was within three feet of me all the night long, and I didn't know it.

The next instance was when we were heading back to Sand Springs on Sunday.  As we were on the James River Expressway, I asked about my Kindle.  We pulled off at Chesterfield Village and looked for it in the trunk.  We couldn't find it so I phoned my Dad.  He did not see it in the apartment.  I found it as I was talking to my Dad.  It was on the dashboard of my car.  My parents probably think I'm a dork.

I did not go to church last Sunday.  We were on the road at that time.  Next Sunday is Humanist Sunday.  On Monday Gail and I rehearsed for our part in the Humanist Sunday service.  We will be playing a bluesy piece titled "I'll Wait For You."

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