Saturday, January 19, 2013

An old poem rediscovered

This evening, J was looking for something and came across an old, yellowed piece of paper folded up.  I suspect at first she thought it might be an old love letter.  She unfolded the paper and found a poem I had written many years ago.  Here is the poem.

                               The Merry-Go-Round

Horse and rider spin about
There's many a ride and many a mount,
And I would say beyond a doubt
This merry-go-round whirls fast.

You riders close to the center pole
Whose slow-paced steeds are not so bold,
Dismount, move out, and leave the fold.
Take a horse on the outer ring.

The horses out here are not the same.
The ones out here you'll never tame.
You may even be thrown for occasional pain,
As you travel a wider orbit.

From here there's no encumbered view.
As riders discover the world anew.
Move out here where the riders are few.
Take a horse on the outer ring.

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