Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ALGAE luncheon

Today was the third Wednesday in the month, meaning it was time for the ALGAE luncheon. We had suspended the luncheon since attendance had tanked back in the spring. Well, today was no better than last spring. J and I went and the only other person attending was Gail. The three of us sat at a table and enjoyed our lunch and chatted.

Later that afternoon, I took J to see a doctor in a building near St. John Med. Ctr. It was a quick visit. All is well. While I was waiting in the waiting room, a worker came around and asked it I would like something to read. I said, "I'm reading my Kindle," and held it up for her to see. She replied, "Oh, that's great," or something to that effect.

Tomorrow, we plan to take the new Saturn to a dealership near where we bought the car for an AutoButler treatment. Following that we might go by the Greek Festival.

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