Sunday, September 26, 2010

Short Vacation to Oklahoma City

We made a short trip to Oklahoma City, leaving Saturday and returning Sunday. The travelers were Nick, Jen, Ayla, Luke, J., and myself. The six of us departed Sand Springs around 9 am Saturday morning. Nick, who has a minivan, drove all the way.

While Nick drove, I worked on a puzzle on my Kindle. The name of the puzzle is Every Word. The object is to take a certain number of letters given to you by the Kindle and rearrange them to make as many words out of them as you can. Every Word literally challenges you to form every word possible from the target word. Blanks at the bottom of the screen are filled in as you come up with the words possible (about 25 words). Once you find the longest word possible, you can move on to the next word. There are ten words possible in each set.

We arrived at the Hampston Inn & Suites Saturday morning. We had two rooms on the eighth floor. Ayla stayed with J and me. Luke stayed with Nick and Jen. You could look out the window and see the ball park below. We had a good view of the field, but there were no games going on at that time.

For lunch, we went across the street to Crabtown. Nick and I both ordered a salmon dish, Luke and Ayla had a corn dog. I don't remember what Jen and J had. In the afternoon, Nick and I went geocaching. The first two caches we looked for we could not find. However, we did find the third.

In the evening we drove up to Arcadia to see a Route 66 attraction: Pops. Thousands of pop bottles line the windows. The place was packed. I've been by Pops several times, but never at night. Sometime I will go by there to see how it looks at night.

We found a nearby cache, a micro, and then we headed back to the City. We ate at Chileno's Mexican Restaurant on the canal. I had the shrimp cocktail. It consisted of about ten shrimp, tobasco sauce, tomato juice, plus a few other spicy ingredients. Jennifer could not eat all of her order, so I had a tostado or something like that. J also shared her order with me, so I had half of whatever it was she ordered. It all caught up with me around 1 am when the reflux hit me. It was a rude awakening. I got up and rinced out my mouth and went back to bed.

The next morning was the event we went to OKC for: Thomas the Tank Engine. Ayla and Luke both enjoy watching Thomas and His Friends. J had ordered ticket about a week before the event. We saw a model train at one venue. Moving to another venue, we watched a performer, a ventriloquist, who was very good. At another venue there was a gift shop. Food venders were present, too. The ride on the train was not much to brag about. One mile down the track and back. But the kids enjoyed it. It's not everyday you get to ride on a train.

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