Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's events

The day began with Gail coming over to play piano duets with me. We played through several of our duets. Our next performance piece most likely will be "Oakton Toccato."

Next we had lunch. After lunch, I went to my computer to read the blogs that I follow. When I got sleepy, I laid down for a nap.

J woke me up saying someone from Channel 6 wanted to speak to me on the phone. It was Chris Wright, and he wanted an interview. All this concerns a sign erected by FFRF Tulsa. I agreed to meet him at the sign at 4 pm. Before I left I called Bill Dusenberry and asked him to come also. I called Randy, but I only got his answering machine.

I pulled in to the Reasor's parking lot (from where the sign is visible) at 5 till 4pm. I spotted Bill's car. He was sitting in it with his air conditioner running. I got a call from Chris saying he would be there in ten minutes. I told him our location.

When he arrived we decided to relocate to a position more favorable for the camera angle to include the sign while we were being interviewed. I went first and answered whatever questions the reporter asked. Then Bill spoke. Bill went into depth with the questions, making his interview much longer than mine.

I just now got a call from Chris Wright of Channel 6 saying that due to some breaking news we were being bumped to a later time. They were planning to run the story tonight at 10 pm.

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