Thursday, September 09, 2010

Opening the back gate

We have a gate in our fence at the back of our property. We have had a padlock on it for some time now. Yesterday, we had need to open the gate but could not find the key. I figured the easiest way to get the gate open was to rent a pair of bolt cutters. I went over to the local rental outfit. They said they have two pairs of bolt cutters: a large pair and a small pair. The large pair was out at the time; I rented the small pair.

I came home and went out back to cut the lock, but the lock did not cut. All we could do was put a small nick in the metal. Meanwhile J got on the Internet and read about padlocks. She read how to open a padlock by filing a key in a certain way. I took the rented cutters back to the store. The large cutters were supposed to be back to the store by 6 pm yesterday. When I called this morning, they had not been brought back.

J kept working on her key, and this morning she was able to open the lock using the filed key.

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