Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Hot Days Coming to an End

I think the hot weather has passed for this summer. Fall is just around the corner.

This morning I took the revised copies of the walk instructions to the copy shop near here and ran off 50 copies of both the 5K and 10K walks. Then we went out to Keystone where I replaced the old copies with the new copies. The new copies included information about the suitability of the walks for those with disabilities. There was no money to pick up since I had just recently been there to pick up the money. On the way out of town, we stopped at the Pratt Library where I picked up a DVD: Iron Jawed Angels. On the way home, we stopped in at Braum's and got a half gallon of milk.

Tonight we ate out at Subway. We got a five-dollar footlong with the usual "fixins." After we ate, we tried walking around a little bit, but I could not go very far. The medicine Dr. Morgan prescribed for me has not helped the least bit. I take three capsules a day now. With this kind of medicine you cannot stop taking it suddenly. You start off with a small dosage and build up to where I am now. I will try it a few more days, but if I am not doing better by next week, I will call Dr. Rapacki's office and see about having surgery scheduled.

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