Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Sunday

I just posted a few pictures. I will be taking the pictures with me when we go to Springfield next time to give them back to my sister, and I need to get several of them put on my blog before we go.

Today as I was getting ready to go to church, Joy Avery called and said that she would not be going to church this morning because of a reaction she was having to a flu shot. She had earlier told Barbara Frey that she would give her a ride to church. Joy asked me if I could provide Barbara with a ride. I said yes, I would. Before I could call Barbara, she called me to say that due to her Saturday activities (the Greek Festival and the symphony), she had decided to stay in.

Vanessa was in charge of the Sunday program. She had come over to the house Saturday afternoon to discuss the program for Sunday. I read a passage from the 41st chapter of Genesis about Joseph and Asenath. I used my Queen Jane's Version of the Bible. We began by watching a few minutes of a program which had been shown on the History channel: Banned From the Bible. Then I read the passage from the 41st chapter of Genesis. Next Vanessa took the pulpit and spoke extemporaneously for 15 minutes. She is an excellent speaker.

After the service was over, I came home. I was feeling pretty sleepy for I had taken a Tramadol table before I left for church. I decided to lie down for a while before going to drumming. I left the house shortly after 3 pm and went to the Prices for drumming.

I returned home after drumming and did the usual Sunday chore of taking the trash cart out to the curb for trash pick up tomorrow.

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