Thursday, September 16, 2010

The day in review

It was time once again for an "Autobutler" treatment for our 2008 Aura. This time we drove to the place where we bought the car. It is now a Honda dealership. I took my Kindle; J read the newspaper. About an hour later an employee came and said our car was ready. We came over on the turnpike, but drove back using the city streets.

As we approached Saied's Music, I just had to go in and look over the music. I looked first at the solo selections, of which there is much. I saw a collection of music from the movie "Mamma Mia" by Abba. I was tempted to buy it ($17), but I moved along to the duet music. I went through the duet music and saw many selections I already have. I narrowed my choices down the three. The one I settled on was a collection selected by Weekley and Arganbright. The title is simply "Duet Repertoire." With tax, it came to around seven and a half dollars. The collection contains ten pieces from Mendelssohn to Satie. Satie is one of my favorite composers.

After we left Saied's, we drove to the Greek Orthodox Church at 12th and Guthrie for the annual Greek Holiday festival. The festival happens in a huge tent just outside the church building. Today was the first day of the three-day festival. It was slow during the time we were there, but we were three for three hours. We saw several people we knew while we were three.

First was George. I knew George from my railroad days. George was a switchman. He retired shortly after I did. His family is originally from Greece. You can find him each year at the Greek Festival. He said he used Google Earth to locate the village his grandmother was from in Greece. Google Earth is a good tool to use to see various parts of the earth. He also showed us pictures on his iPhone or some similar device. They were of a vacation his family took to Egypt and the pyramids. Due to a fear of flying, George stayed behind and took care of the family pets.

Second was Linda W. from the Methodist Chruch. Linda is also in the Tulsa Walking Club, as am I. Her husband, Randy, was with her. We run into the Woodards often.

Next we saw a couple from my church, Josie G. and her husband Earl. Josie was in charge of the Religious Education department, back when the congregation had children. The congregation no longer has children and Josie no longer has a job at the church. We spoke a little about the billboard currently visible from the Broken Arrow Expressway which says, "Atheism is OK in Oklahoma." It mentions that Oklahoma's first senator was an atheist: Thomas Gore.

Greek food was served at the festival. We had lamb and rice. Later we went to another building and bought some Greek pastries. We looked briefly an the items for sale on the tables there. Finally, we went through the sanctuary. We viewed the icons, I saw a large chart showing the various schisms which have taken place over time. The Orthodox Church dates back to the time of Jesus and its liturgy has changed very little. Other sects may come and go, but the Orthodox Church has changed little. They are not without their faults, though. Their treatment of women leaves much to be desired.

We had our lawn mowed this evening. I am still not able to get out and do yard work. I never cared a lot about doing yard work, but I would mow the yard. Today for the first time, I am taking three Gabapentin pills per day, as was instructed by Dr. Morgan. I can't tell they are doing me much good. I see Dr. Morgan again late in October. I will probably ask for surgery.

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