Monday, May 04, 2009

Blood drive

This morning Gail came over and we practices the two duet pieces that we will be playing this Sunday at church. We also played several other ragtime pieces, as well. It was a good practice, but Gail suggested we should have another practice session before Sunday. We are going to try to get together either Friday or Saturday to practice again our two pieces for the service.

This afternoon, I made a trip to the Pratt Library to return some overdue books. I turned in my books and paid my fine. As I was leaving, I noticed the church sign for St. Andrews Lutheran Church across the way. They were having a blood drive. St. Andrews is the location where I used to give blood. I realized I had not made a donation since last fall (then at TCC), so I went inside and donated a unit of blood.

I was going to go walking at TCC, but I was running late from the blood donation. I returned home instead. Later that evening Nick came over and we played the duets I will be playing this Sunday. Nick is an excellent piano player, much better than I. He also played a couple of pieces I had printed from the web site mentioned in the post from yesterday.

It is late, so I will have to put off my explanation for why I lost my belief in God until another day.

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