Monday, May 25, 2009

Recent events

On Sunday, Gail and I played a piano duet at Church of the Restoration. We played “Rialto Ripples” by George Gershwin. Following the service, I went to the Agora Coffee House for the May meeting of the Tulsa Atheists Meetup. There were about 15 at that meeting. At church, there were about a dozen. Of course, TAM is run by volunteers, but COR has a paid staff of (1) the minister, (2) the pianist, and (3) an office assistant.

The TAM meeting was interesting in that we have a couple of “irons in the fire” at this time. We are seeking to have an “In Reason We Trust” license plate approved. Also, we are working with FFRF to erect a billboard with the words “Imagine No Religion” printed on it.

Today, Gail came over for two hours of piano duet playing. I think every piece we worked on was a ragtime piece. I really enjoy ragtime piano music. I often will listen to ragtime on “You Tube” by just typing the word “ragtime” in the search box. There is plenty of it there.

This afternoon, I went to Randy’s for a HAT board meeting. Results of that meeting will be posted on the Humanist Association of Tulsa blog tomorrow. Following the board meeting, we went over to Marilyn’s house and helped her move a few items of furniture (including two large bookcases). I am going to turn over to Marilyn the freethought library soon. We have four boxes of books (which belong to HAT and TAM) that right now are still in boxes due to my being overrun by books in my house. Some are double shelved.

Later this evening, we went over to Nick’s house while Nick and Jen went out. Putting the kids to bed was no easy task, but eventually Luke (my charge) fell asleep (after I read to him five books). Once he was asleep, I read several articles from the current issue of Church & State magazine.

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