Friday, May 01, 2009

Dad improves

We are home again. We left for Springfield Tuesday morning and returned to Sand Springs today, Friday afternoon.

My father is doing a lot better. He felt that the medicine he was taking was doing him more harm than good. So he adjusted it downward and began to feel a lot better. Whereas previously he would stay in bed all day with the exception of one hour, now he gets up many more times and stays up longer. Even though he is receiving hospice care, he is not ready to cash in his chips just yet.

One thing he has done for the better is to change doctors. His former doctor just gave up on him, we all feel. He made an appointment with a different doctor for next Thursday.

He asked a hospice nurse if she know what was wrong with him, and she said congestive heart failure. I’m no doctor, but it seems as if the trouble he had when he was in the hospital has cleared up. He is still weak, but he is much improved over the way he was when the ambulance brought him home. He has his appetite back and engages other in conversation.

On Wednesday, we took a trip to Silver Dollar City. I will write about that later. Soon we will be leaving for the Crescent Café, not far from here, for their all-you-can-eat catfish dinner.

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