Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dad is doing much better

It's now Tuesday, May 12. Last Sunday, Gail and I played two duets in the church service at Church of the Restoration. We did pretty well, but at one point we got separated, bumbled along, and then got back together.

Our Monday practice has been postponed to Friday since we were on the road a good deal of Monday.

We took Dad to his new doctor this morning. His new doctor seems more optimistic than his former doctor. Dad just might pull out of this illness. Dad is up walking around, talking to everyone, etc. He has lost several pounds, and is down to somewhere around 170 now. I need to lose some pounds myself.

This afternoon, I took Mother to the bank. Then we went to the car wash and drove Dad's Park Avenue through the wash. After that we went to a nearby KFC and got some chicken and took it home for lunch.

This afternoon, we are going to go to a grocery store and stock up on groceries for my parents.

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