Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Haircut, etc.

Yesterday I noticed my head was getting a bit shaggy. I went to Roary D’s for a haircut. When I arrived, my son, Nick, was in the chair getting his hair cut. So I followed Nick. Roary said we both get the same kind of haircut.

Later, we went to Stage where we bought two presents for my Mother for Mother’s Day. We got a perfume set and a gown.

Then we went down to Family Dollar where I noticed a keyboard for a child. The size of the keys was smaller than the standard size. Since Luke has a birthday coming up soon, we bought the keyboard for him.

For myself, I bought another shelf to place CDs on. I am up to 223 in the number of CDs in my database, and I have another dozen or so to add to that number.

In the evening, I went to Joe Price’s house for drumming. Only Joe and his wife Lou were there. We played drums for an hour and a half. From there I returned home.

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