Friday, May 08, 2009

A visit to the Jenks' Aquarium

Last evening we went to the Aquarium in Jenks. The purpose for the visit was a dinner that J attends. The dinner was held in the aquarium after it closed. There were a few speeches and a few awards were given. The dinner consisted of chicken, pork roast, green beans, new potatoes, rolls, and dessert of chocolate cake. Tea was served as the beverage.

Following the meal we had the aquarium to ourselves. My favorite displays were the sharks and the beavers. We had Ayla with us. She was well-behaved for the occasion. Luke did not go. We often refer to Luke as Lukie. His mother calls him Lukie-Pooh.

Today Gail came over and we practiced our duets for an hour and a half. We play at Restoration this coming Sunday.

Afterwards, I went to the TCC Fitness Center and walked two miles. It was cool inside on the walking oval. You could feel the humidity once you got outside.

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