Thursday, May 21, 2009

TIA Panel Discussion

We returned home this afternoon in time to catch the evening news. We had three days of mail in mailbox. We usually have the post office hold our mail when we are away, but this time we just left without going by the post office.

Among the items in the mail was a post card from the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance. It announced a meeting at All Souls Unitarian Church for that Thursday evening. The title of the program was "Sacred Ceremonies/Secular Ceremonies." The panelists were lawyer Greg Bledsoe, Tulsa mayor's assistant Dierdre Dexter, Tulsa school board member Matthew Livingood, All Souls minister Marlin Lavanhar, and lawyer Michael King. The panel was moderated by former Channel 6 news anchor and All Souls member Clayton Vaughn. The event lasted an hour and a half. I saw some of my friends at the event. The discussion was informative. It dealt largely with a ceremony held to dedicate the new BOk building in downtown Tulsa a few months ago.

Gail is supposed to be here in the morning for another practice session. We will be playing the special music at Church of the Restoration on Sunday.

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