Friday, May 01, 2009

A Visit to Silver Dollar City

On Wednesday, we visited Silver Dollar City. All day long it looked as if it might rain, but we received only sprinkles.

There are more parking lots there than the last time I visited SDC. Obviously, the place has expanded. Our main reason for visiting SDC was to see the Chinese Acrobats. We had seen TV commercials featuring them. We got in line around 10:30 for the 11:00 show. When we got near the entrance, someone came out and said the show was filled up. The next show would be at 2:30 pm.

We drifted down to a place where food was being served and looked over the faire. We decided to try the Chicken Speidini at the Italian booth. It tasted great. We are going to try to find the recipe and fix it here. We decided to go back to the Opera House, where the Chinese Acrobats were performing and wait for the next show. On the way there I stopped at a food booth and bought a bowl of berries and cream.

Back at the opera house we had a long wait for the 2:30 show. Anyway, once we got in, we had our choice of seats. The show consisted of five or six acts, each introduced by a short video shown on a screen. The acrobats were quite impressive. They performed flawlessly.

Next we went to the area where the Peruvians were performing. They did singing and dancing. There show was also a half hour long. Once it let out, I bought a small panpipe from the performers.

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