Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another testimony

I found the following testimony on the Internet. I post it for your consideration.
I had something which is not really a NDE but very weird and profound like an NDE.

It happened when I was 13 years old (on my Bday I think). I was sleeping and I had a dream in which I was presented with a test. It was a picture of Jesus. As I saw it, I thought "what is this picture of the Son of God doing here? As soon as I said that I realized that there is only one true god who has no son, and that I had commited the greatest sin in the world, greater than even murder.

At that moment the earth shattered into tiny particles and I fell through darkness for what seemed like an eternity. But I did not have a body, it was just me, it's very hard to explain. Also everything was very real, much more real than me writing this to you right now. I had no body but it was dark and cold, I knew that I should be able to "see" but I realized there was a sort of barrier and I was not allowed to see.....I was being led to the grave where I knew I would spend an eternity away from Allah and I was terrified. That was pure terror, just imagine knowing you will never go to heaven or be alive again, only in a tortured state forever, it was immensely scary.

At that moment I instinctively knew that I would have to do something fast before it was too late and I was left there for all eternity and I would never see my family again and would not be able to warn them...so I screamed from the bottom of my soul "GOD (the only one god) SAVE ME!" and at that moment I woke up. The weird thing is that in the room where I was sleeping we were approx. 4 people and it was very hot almost unbearably hot, enough to make you sweat in your sleep, but I woke up freezing cold and clenching my teeth from the cold.

This dream was the driving force behind my quest for truth and subsequent reversion to Islam which is undoubtedly the truth. I am not making this stuff up brothers and sisters, this is the realest thing I have ever experienced.

Salam a leikum

I think this testimony shows how people are influenced by their culture, of which their religion is a part. While I came close to death myself in January 2007 (following emergency brain surgery), I recall having no near-death-experience.

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