Sunday, March 06, 2011

My weekend

Saturday I was feeling rather bad, having a constant cough. J slept in the front bedroom (now referred to as the playroom) so as not to catch whatever is was that I had. I felt better when I awoke this morning. I was able to go to church and give my talk to the congregation. Instead of the usual 8 to 10 in the congregation, this morning we had 25. There were two reasons for the increased attendance: (1) many of my humanist friends were aware that I was speaking this morning and attended to support me, and (2) Joy had invited many of her Muslim friends to attend.

This was a day when I stayed afterward to have a meal together. On the way to the church, I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought a chunk of sliced ham. I was not aware the Muslims would be there, otherwise I would have opted for another selection.

My talk, "Horror Stories from the Bible, Part 1" was well received by the congregation. When Rosemary's e-mail bounced back (she usually does the children's story), I went to the library Saturday and checked out a children's book, just in case. Good thing I did since Rosemary was not in the congregation today. I read a children's story (once we actually had children in the congregation) about a giraffe named Gerald. Then for the special music, Gail and I played "Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues."

I was feeling pretty bad on Saturday, but by today I think I have recovered. We will probably go walking again tomorrow after Gail comes by for piano practice in the morning.

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