Friday, March 18, 2011

Humanism and the Arts

Tonight we celebrated Humanism and the Arts at Church of the Restoration with a one-hour program. We used the talents of (mostly) members who are members of both the Church of the Restoration and HAT.

The program began with Joy Avery singing "Mi Amor" and accompanying herself on guitar. Next, Ms. Bismillah did a Spirit Dance to recorded music.

Next was a drumming ensemble of three drummers who gave a powerful performance. This was followed by Marilyn Clarke reading three poems by Billy Collins. Then Barbara Frey, now 85 years old, read a poem she wrote back in the early 60s.

Next Larry Roth read the first part of "The Ghost Beyond the Attic Door." Larry has been working on this short story to enter into a competition sponsored by Tulsa World. Then Will Poire played "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

This was followed by Gail and myself playing "Boogie Fever." Next Joy returned to sing two additional songs: "Be a Lamp Unto Yourself" and "Calm Soul." Finally, Gail and I played "Check It Out." Both pieces we played were written by Jeanine Yeager. We had a request for something by Scott Joplin, but I had no Joplin music with me. I promised that next time we would play some Scott Joplin.

Following the end of the arts persentation, we enjoyed refreshments. Immediately after this event was over, the film Avatar was shown. J and I stayed for a little of the film, but since the film ran for two hours, I did not feel like staying for the whole thing. It was a busy news day today what with the no fly zone being approved over Libya and the nuclear power plant disaster still unfolding in Japan. We came home and tuned in to MSNBC to get caught up on the latest developments.

There were about a dozen people at this event.

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Lawrence Roth said...

The story "The Ghost Beyond the Attic Door" by me (Larry Roth) is being written to submit to the 33rd Nimrod Literary Awards, which is a writing contest associated with the University of Tulsa.