Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summary of the day

This morning we went walking at the Fitness Center. I did 2½ miles today. While I walked I listened to lecture 6 in the series of lectures on Robert and Clara Schumann. I checked the CDs out from the library and transferred the lectures to my MP3. I have two more lectures to listen to before I finish the course. I will have to see what other courses are available from the library.

I have been reading Heaven is for Real at the recommendation of my father. I'm just past the halfway point in the book. Once I have finished it, I will comment on the book.

Tonight I attended a meeting for the Democratic precincts for this part of Tulsa County. I live in precinct 856 and am now the chair for the Democrats in that precinct. I should receive my credentials in the mail soon. I have been following the attempt to cripple the unions in Wisconsin and have decided to become more politically active.

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