Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday and my events

The day began with my driving over to Church of the Restoration just on the north side of Tulsa. It's about a 25 minutes drive from my house. The service was lengthy with Betty Morrow speaking about three women who did a lot for our congregation. The other two lay leaders for the day were Vanessa and Mary. The subject of today's talk was "Our History Is Our Strength: Women's History."

I have a conflict in my schedule. On April 2, I should attend the Democratic Party Meeting for Tulsa County; also, I should attend the rehearsal for the chant group. Both events start at 10 am. I will probably go to the political event and skip chanting once again. Last time the group met, I had to miss due to a chronic cough I had. I will try one more time in May. If I have to miss that one, I will just give up. Sometimes I get involved in too many activities.

After church today I went to Wendy's and had a bowl of chili, a Dr. Pepper, and a Frosty. At 3:00 pm I was at Randy's for the Tulsa meeting of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I will post info on the meeting at the FFRF Tulsa blog.

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