Sunday, March 20, 2011

Church and talking with Dad

Today I went with J to the Methodist Sunday School class J goes to regularly. There were about twenty people in the class. That is usually more people than you find in the Church of the Restoration (CoR) Sunday morning service. The class was over around 10:15 am. From there we went to the QuikTrip on Gilcrease Museum Road for gasoline and breakfast. From there it was on to CoR, a couple miles away.

We got there just after the church opened up. It was early enough that I sat down at the piano and played a bit as others came in. I think there were nine people there this morning, that included three guests. We were going to get a sandwich at Subway on the way home, but there was along line in Subway; so we just came on home.

Later we went to Walmart for a drill bit. The one I had been using was getting dull and not cutting well. I am using a drill bit (¼ inch) to assemble some pieces of lumber I bought recently into a frame to hold the soil for a raised bed garden. While there we looked at the potted plants but did not buy any. From there we went over to Atwoods, where we found plants at a much cheaper price than at Walmart. I bought three Better Boy plants and three Sweet 100 plants. The Sweet 100s produce cherry-sized tomatoes. I plan to buy two more Topsy-Turvy containers and grow those tomatoes upside down. I have three more lag screws to put in my frame. Then I will move it into position. It will be four foot square.

Gail called this evening to reschedule our weekly practice to Tuesday at 9:30 am.

This evening we IMed with my father in a video call on our laptop. We were able to talk to my father in Springfield and see him at the same time. He in return could see us. J warned me about making unauthorized calls on the laptop.

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