Sunday, January 31, 2010

No church today

We both received phone calls informing us that our respective churches had canceled services for today. There is plenty of snow outside. I phoned Gail to cancel our Monday practice. We will reschedule later. Gail said that she and Glenn were about to go walking. Brave souls are they; however, it did not feel so cold as it looked. There was very little wind.

I managed to drag the trash cart out to the curb. It gave me a chance to get outside. It is good to get outside when you are snowed in. We have had more snow this year than in any recent year I can recall. I can remember several winters when we got no snow at all. I also cleared the snow off the '96 Saturn parked on the driveway.

We watched a lecture from the series "Philosophy of Religion" which I bought from The Teaching Company a few months back. It is an interesting course. I took a course by that title forty years ago at SMSU. However, I had already lost my childhood beliefs in a personal god by that time.

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