Thursday, January 21, 2010

A visit to the audiologist

Today I saw my audiologist, whose office is located in the physicians' building across the street from Hillcrest Hospital. We got in quickly. She made some adjustment on my hearing aids and they are working better now. The visit lasted about an hour.

Hearing aids are a big business in this area. You see ads for them constantly on TV. Former radio and TV personalities often go to work for hearing aid companies, making commercials for their products.

I get the church newsletter online. I looked at it today and saw that the program for next Sunday read "Music Sunday" and it had my name where usually the name of the speaker is found. Apparently they are expecting Gail and me to do the entire program. I forwarded the program to Gail and asked by e-mail if she would be able to do a larger program? I will call her in the morning to see what she has to say. I'm not sure how doing two selections of special music grew into being in charge of "Music Sunday." I will be willing to do a program of six to eight pieces, if Gail is.

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