Friday, January 22, 2010

Preparations for Sunday

We began our day by going to the TCC Fitness Center and walking 3.5 miles. Yesterday's walk was interrupted by a fire drill. I walked only 2.5 miles yesterday. So to make up what I missed yesterday, I added on a half mile today. That makes nine miles for the week.

We have a Food & Fellowship planned for tomorrow, so I might miss walking tomorrow.

This afternoon, Gail came over and we practiced several pieces we will play this Sunday at church. We got eight duet pieces in shape for this Sunday. I later talked with Joy and Mary. They both agreed to take part in the music service this Sunday. I cut back to six the number of pieces Gail and I will play.

The titles of the pieces we plan to play are :

Wade in the Water
The Ancient Lantern
Birch Tree Rag
The Water is Wide
Irish Air
Broadway Lights

Joy will be playing guitar and singing "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" and "Amazing Grace." Mary will be singing "Cry Me a River" to my piano accompanyment.

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