Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Out and about

It was another cold day today with temperatures in the twenties. J had an appointment at Roary D's to get her hair cut. We went there first, and I sat in the waiting area while J got her hair cut. After the haircut, we went to Tulsa to see Dr. Shirk about my hearing aids. She was having computer problems with her software. She called a tech who talked her through a certain procedure. We were there for almost two hours.

On the way home we stopped by the BNSF office to see if they had any 2010 calendars. The man who handles the calendars was not there at the time. Carol gave me a flip calendar. The kind I want to get has all twelve months on a large sheet of posterboard. Next we went to the HAT box at the West Tulsa post office, and I picked up the mail for HAT.

Then we returned home and haven't ventured out since.

I watched some TV tonight. First was the NBC Nightly News. Then I watched Wheel of Fortune, NOVA, and finally a program on Human Emotions. It was quite interesting. The next segment will be on OETA tomorrow night. I managed to read another chapter of Scenes From Clerical Life today.

One day sounds pretty much like the next, does it not? When it warms up some, I will get out and try to do something worth writing about.

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