Thursday, January 07, 2010

Roary cuts my hair

We are in the deep freeze in Oklahoma. The same can be said for much of the rest of the country. We are supposed to have two days of extremely cold weather and then some relief.

Could this be effects from global warming? Global warming does not mean a uniform increase in temperature throughout the world. Global warming shows its signs in erratic variations: hotter summers, colder winters, plus increases in floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

We stopped at Dollar General to look for a birthday card for a close relative of mine. We picked out the card and paid for it. As we were at the checkout, a man in a car parked outside the store blew his horn. The clerk asked if I knew who the man was. I said no, as I had never seen him before. We concluded that he must have mistaken me for someone he knew. When I walked out the store, he (still seated in his car) started talking to me. I found out that he was handicapped and wanted the clerk to make a purchase for him. I did not think the clerk could leave the store, so I asked what he needed, He asked for some paper towels and a can of Pledge furniture polish. I told him I would go back in the store and buy the items for him. He gave me a ten-dollar bill. I bought the items for him and gave him the items and his change. He was very grateful and thanked me profusely.

Next we went to Eyemart Express and ordered two new pairs of glasses for J. While she was ordering glasses, I went to Roary D's for a haircut. The haircutting business has fallen on hard times, as has so many other businesses in this Bush recession. It you are out of work, you are not likely to spend money on getting your hair professionally cut. I think a lot of people are getting by with home haircuts. Roary used to have several women working in her shop -- four or five others besides herself. When I was getting my hair cut, there were two other employees in the shop, but they were idle. The place used to hum with business; now it is pretty quiet. I hope she can hang on and weather the downturn in business.

After I left the haircutting shop, I drove to Eyemart Express to pick up my spouse. The distance between the two shops couldn't be more than a quarter mile, as the crow flies. As I drove up I saw my beloved sitting in a chair waiting on me. I called her on my cell phone, however the purse she carries is all but soundproof. I had to walk into the store to get her attention.

In the afternoon, we both went to the TCC Fitness Center and walked. I did three miles today.

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