Saturday, January 02, 2010

This day's events

I began this day by driving to the Case Community Center where I walked three miles on an indoor track suspended above a basketball court. I sometimes walk at the CCC when the TCC track is closed. I also noticed that the Case is open on Sunday, whereas the TCC track is not. The Case track is a bit further to drive to get to as it is on the north side of the river. I live on the south side of the river.

Today there were about ten people walking on the track. The track is divided into two lanes. The track as TCC is divided into three lanes. There are fewer people using the track at TCC since a fee is required. The Case track is open to all.

On the way home, I got a call from Barbara who gave me an update on her son-in-law who suffered a stroke a few days ago. He is just 50 years old and is now paralyzed on his right side. Barbara asked for a ride to movie night tonight.

I stopped by the library on the way home and picked up a book by George Carlin, Last Words. As I got into my car I got a call from Gail. We had practiced on Wednesday and were ready to perform The Water is Wide as a piano duet at Movie Night tonight. Gail said it was her turn to be sick. We put our performance on hold.

We went by and picked up Barbara this evening and drove on to Movie Night at the Bradleys. I told the group that Gail was sick and unable to play. There were seven of us there. The film we viewed was The Complete Plays of Shakespeare performed by the Reduced Shakespearean Company. It was a 90-minute comedy routine. I found it pretty funny.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, Glad you enjoyed the Reduced Shakespeare Company DVD "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)." I'm a member of the Reduced Shakespeare Company and we still tour live... in fact right now we're touring that very show (though we have 5 others). You can check out our tour schedule and info on our other shows at All the best!