Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daily recap

I got up this morning and fixed myself a bagel and a cup of hot chocolate. I took a shower and a couple of aspirin for back pain, and headed off to church. Since J was still suffering from a lame leg, she did not pick up Alya but instead accompanied me as I went to Church of the Restoration (CoR). As we drove up, Gail was sitting in her car. We all got out of our vehicles and went in to the church. We played through our piece twice before the service began. When the time came for us to perform, the playing of Castle House Rag went well. I thought we played the best we ever had since we have been playing specials for CoR. Gail and I recorded Castle House Rag on video. It can be seen now on YouTube.

After the service was over, we headed back to Sand Springs. We drove through the KFC drive thru and got a chicken meal for J. We went by the house and J went inside and ate, while I drove on to Broken Arrow for a meeting of the Tulsa Coalition of Reason. We met at Bill Dusenberry's house. There were eight of us at the meeting. We talked about plans for the upcoming National Day of Reason on May 6. We intend to set up a table covered by a tent in a park in downtown Tulsa and distribute literature. (I may post more about this meeting on another blog.)

After the meeting was over, I drove to Furr's Cafeteria for lunch, although it was about 4 pm by that time. I had two pieces of Talapia, two rolls, corn, carrots, okra, turkey and dressing with gravy, cranberry sauce, a piece of chocolate cake, ice tea, and ice cream.

When I got home J was ready to go pick up Ayla and go to the Methodist church's Family Life Center (south of the river). Eventually the church plans to have all of its facilities on this property, which is about one mile from out house. The current facilities (sanctuary and classrooms) are all on the north side of the river. The church was having a chili supper this evening. Many styles of chili were available. There were also many desserts offerings.

I have delayed buying tomato plants this year. But with the price of tomatoes being what they are, I should probably go ahead and do it. My only hesitancy comes from the uncertainty of my back problem. I will be seeing my back surgeon in a couple of days and will know more then.

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