Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I visit my doctor

The big news for today is my visit to the back doctor, but since I posted nothing yesterday, I will back up and begin with Monday. Gail is getting ready to go on a trip with her husband to St. Louis and did not come over for piano duets yesterday. She will be gone for two weeks. I still played piano, but I concentrated on solo pieces.

One bit of news from Sunday is that Vanessa Adams-Harris expressed some interest in having a Humanist group within the church. It would be great if we could do that. Some of the HAT folks might also like to take part in a Humanist program of some type. We will see what we can arrange.

In the evening Nick came over. He left Luke with J while he took Ayla to her piano lesson. They also stayed for dinner.

Today we went to see Dr. Rapacki. I described my symptoms to him, and he ordered a MRI for me. He also gave me a prescription for a methlypred pack. The last time I had a back problem, he prescribed methlypred and I got immediate relief. I hope it works as well this time.

There are some volkswalks coming up this weekend I would like to do. On Saturday there are walks in Ponca City and Perry. I will probably have to miss those due to the HAT meeting scheduled for Saturday. On Sunday, walks are scheduled to be held in Prague and Guthrie.

On the way home we stopped at the computer repair shop and picked up our computer. It has been re-arranged. I think everything is still there (I saw the file I'm going to send to Galen), but things are in different places. Imagine if you went on vacation and when you returned home all of your things had been moved to another location within the house. Right now it is hard to find things. Our first priority was locating Sky Index, the program I use to index books. My next indexing job is due to arrive around May 1, and I want to be ready for it.

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