Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out and about in Tulsa

We were out and about in Tulsa today. The first place we went was Sears at 21st and Yale. There we picked out a new dishwasher. The installer will call us Friday and arrange to install the new dishwasher and haul off the old one. Next we went to Red Lobster for lunch. J had the Sailor's Platter and I had the stuffed flounder. After lunch we went to Staples and turned in ten empty ink cartidges. They should be sending me a check for $30 for the used cartridges. I also ordered a 12-pack of hot pink highlighters which I use in my indexing work. Dumbarton Oaks will be overnighting page proofs for my next indexing job. They should arrive tomorrow.

When Gail was over yesterday for our weekly piano duet practice, we decided to play "Castle House Rag" for Movie Night at the Bradleys this Saturday. We have also been asked to play again at Church of the Restoration on May 9. We are planning on playing Austin's "A Little Bit of Bach" on that occasion. The piece showcases themes from the music of J. S. Bach.

I would like to get back to volkswalking again, but the results of the MRI I am to have on Thursday will determine my next step. If the surgeon advises surgery, I will gladly do it. I need to get back to walking, an impossibility for me in this condition now. I feel fine as long as I am sitting down, but walking around is most difficult.

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