Friday, April 09, 2010

Poetry group met tonight

Today we went to the grocery store, again. We went on Thursday and bought our produce. Today we went back and bought boxed and canned items. We might go back tomorrow to get meat and frozen items, or we might wait until another day. You see, both J and I are ailing. I have a back problem (my spine, I suspect). J has a problem with her right knee. We both hobble around. I manage to get around okay with aspirin.

The first thing we did today was go to Spoon Drug store where we bought a Neoprene Slip-On Knee for J. Then we went by the library to see if they had a certain book by Lewis Carroll. The book happened to be checked out. I ended up printing out the four poems for tonight's poetry group meeting at Border's.

There were six people at the poetry meeting tonight. Gail, my duet partner, is the leader of the group. We invited the other people present to come to Church of the Restoration on Sunday to hear us play a piano duet. The subject of tonight's meeting was Lewis Carroll. He is best known as the author of Alice in Wonderland, but tonight we looked at some of his verse. Piece's such as "The Walrus and the Carpenter" and "The Mad Gardener's Song" were read and talked about.

We understand that the store on 21st Street, where we meet, will be closing. We will need to find another location to hold our poetry reading and discussion sessions.

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