Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lazy day

We had some plans for today, but we opted to stay at home instead of getting out. The two activities we passed up were Music at the Mansion and the Tulsa Atheists Mid-Month Social. Instead of going to the music program, I took a nap. Instead of going to the TAM Social, I mowed the back yard.

My back problem is much better. The methly pred pack works wonders. It is some kind of a steroid. I expect the pain to make a return visit sometime after the pills run out. I hope to hear tomorrow about the MRI which has been ordered for me.

I made a trip to the library today, returning three items and checking out three other items. One item waiting for me which had come in was a DVD titled "American Betrayed: How Government and Big Business Bring Ruin to America's Infrastructure." While at the library, I phoned in an order at Chinese Express. I went by the restaurant and picked up the order: lemon chicken for J and orange chicken for myself. I took it home and that was our dinner. I put half of my order in the fridge. I will eat it for breakfast in the morning.

After dinner I got out the lawn mower. I noticed the gas can was empty. We made a quick trip to the local QuikTrip and got it filled up. I was able to get the back yard mowed with a minimum of discomfort. In the evening I read e-mail and then watched some MSNBC.

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