Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trip to Ponca City

We drove to Ponca City Friday afternoon for a volkswalking and geocaching trip. It was not our best trip. We looked for three caches, but found none.

We ate dinner at Enrique's Mexican Restaurant at the Ponca City Airport, but I was disappointed in the restaurant. I had heard many favorable comments about Enrique's, but the experience was a let-down. The table at which we sat was not a stable table. It rocked back and forth. The chips were so greasy, they were translucent. I had the No. 1 combination plate, which allowed me to sample three foods. The food was good, though. The place is very popular. We had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated.

After we ate, we drove on in to Ponca City. We saw a cluster of motels in the south part of town. I pulled in to a Super 8 motel and got a room. Our room was, to put it bluntly, crappy. There was little shelf space for toiletries. The shower had a two-inch diameter drain with no guard covering it. You drop something down that hole, and it is gone forever. We stuffed a washcloth in the drain just to make sure we did no lose anything.

I had asked for a room with either a king or queen size bed, but all they had was rooms with double beds. I stretched out on the bed next to the window, and noticed that even with the curtain closed, you could see out the window by looking at the bottom of the curtain. If I could see someone standing outside the window, I figured they could look in and see me. So J and I slept together in the other bed.

We noticed strange smells at various times in the night. We had asked for a non-smoking room, but I have to wonder how long it had been a non-smoking room. The walls were thin, and around a quarter after four in the morning, someone out on the walkway had a coughing fit. From the sound of the coughing, I would say the poor soul is not long for this world. I got no more than three hours sleep last night.

When our cell phone alarms went off this morning, we got up and showered and got dressed and made our way to the start point. Dorothy Brown was working the start table. We talked to her a bit and then headed out on the walk. We did not know how long we could walk, but we were determined to find out. We managed to walk two kilometers before pain got the better of us.

On Friday, I received the paperwork to have blood drawn to see if my body will be able to get rid of the contrast agent used during the MRI I will be having. Monday, I will go to a Regional Medical Lab to have the blood work done. Then I will wait until I hear from Dr. Rapacki's office as to where we go next.

We got back to Sand Springs in time for me to get a short nap before leaving for the HAT meeting at the Genealogy Center on Harvard Ave. There were twelve people there today.

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